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Welcome to the Traveling Bares Web Site. The Traveling Bares are a group of friends who live their lives appreciating the Naturist/Nudist lifestyle with their families. They get together for parties, outings, gatherings, trips, special events, or for just no reason at all. This site serves as a tribute to the friendship that they all share and the nudist lifestyle which they share together. Membership is through  relationship and friendship.

Many have come to this page in search of answers about Nudism. Others just simply like to visit with people who share a like mind. Some even come to find out information on some of the places we have been as a group like Hedonism in Jamaica or Paradise Lakes in Florida.

Before you visit with us you should know that on this web site you will encounter nudity. So if the sight of nude people having fun offends you or you are under age 18 then please look elsewhere. There is also nothing sexual in these pages so if that is what you're looking for, you're out of luck as well.


Be advised that there is nudity on this web site.

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