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                President¡¯ address
                Regional advantages
                General department of industrialized management
                General department of integration of science and technique
                ¡¡¡¡ Since its inception, has been named "National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise", "Provincial Technical Center", "National High-tech Enterprise", "CNC machine tools top ten enterprises in Zhejiang Province", "Elite Creative Unit "," excellent enterprise in Shaoxing City Industrial 20 "," National Torch Project Enterprise "," municipal industrial-scale enterprises "," credit model enterprise in Zhejiang Province "," AAA taxpayer "," five-good grass-roots party, Zhejiang Province organization "," China Machine Tool Industry Association, "and" China AAA Quality Credit Enterprise "," integrity unit labor management in Zhejiang Province "," 100 best medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang Province "," Top Ten Chinese machine tool industry, overall economic efficiency of enterprises " other titles and honors.
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